Monday, 31 October 2011

Aqua Timez ^^

Aqua Timez (アクア タイムズ Akua Taimuzu
is a Japanese pop rock band signed to Epic Records
Futoshi and OKP-Star met on in 2000 and attempted to start a band together. Unable to agree on the band's future, the two disbanded. In 2003, the current band members gathered and formed Aqua Timez. Their first independent music mini album, Sora Ippai ni Kanaderu Inori (空いっぱいに奏でる祈り lit. "Secret Sky in Played Prayers"), was released on August 2005.In 2006, the group were signed to Epic Records and released their second mini album, Nanairo no Rakugaki (七色の落書き, lit. "Seven Colors of Graffiti). In the same year they released two singles, Ketsuino Asani (決意の朝に lit. "Morning of Determination") and Senno Yoruwo Koete (千の夜をこえて lit. "Passing Over a Thousand Nights"), which were used as the theme music in the animated films Brave Story and Bleach: Memories of Nobody respectfully. Their music in the films help garnered attention and later they created their first full album, Kazewo Atsumete (風をあつめて, lit. Wind's Gathering). As of 2011, they have published a total of 2 mini albums, 13 singles 4 albums, and a single compilation album.

Compilation album

  1. The Best of Aqua Timez
*Disc One: Tracks 1-13
  1. Sen no Yoru wo Koete (千の夜をこえて)
  2. Niji (虹)
  3. Hachimitsu: Daddy, Daddy (ハチミツ ~Daddy,Daddy~)
  4. Stay Gold
  5. Chiisa na Tenohira (小さな掌)
  6. Alones
  7. Velonica
  8. Ayumi (歩み)
  9. Hitotsu Dake (ひとつだけ)
  10. Honto wa Ne (ほんとはね)
  11. Aki no Shita de (秋の下で)
  12. Aoi Sora (青い空)
  13. Saigo Made (最後まで)
*Disc Two: Tracks 1-13
  1. Toushindai no Love Song (等身大のラブソング)
  2. Shabondama Days (シャボン玉Days)
  3. Sekai de Ichiban Chiisa na Umi Yo (世界で一番小さな海よ)
  4. Ketsui no Asa ni(決意の朝に)
  5. Shiori (しおり)
  6. Kibou no Saku Oka Kara(希望の咲く丘から)
  7. Isshun no Chiri (一瞬の塵)
  8. Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら)
  9. Itsumo Issho (いつもいっしょ)
  10. Hoshi no Mienai Yoru (星のみえない夜)
  11. Plumeria: Hana Uta(プルメリア~花唄~)
  12. Himawari (向日葵)
  13. Shiroi Mori (白い森)
*Limited Edition Only: Disc Three DVD (21 PVs)
  1. Chiisa na Tenohira (小さな掌)
  2. Toushindai no Love Song (等身大のラブソング)
  3. Ketsui no Asa ni(決意の朝に)
  4. Sen no Yoru wo Koete (千の夜をこえて)
  5. Shiori (しおり)
  6. Alones
  7. Niji (虹)
  8. Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら)
  9. Velonica
  10. Stay Gold
  11. Plumeria: Hana uta(プルメリア~花唄~)
  12. Saigo Made (最後まで)
  13. Yasashii Kioku: Evalasting II (優しい記憶~evalastingⅡ~)
  14. Honto wa Ne (ほんとはね)
  15. On the Run
  16. B with U
  17. Itsumo issho (いつもいっしょ)
  18. Ayumi (歩み)
  19. Hitotsu Dake (ひとつだけ)
  20. Shabondama Days (シャボン玉Days)
  21. Kibou no Saku Oka Kara (希望の咲く丘から)

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