Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kookie B'day

Ohhh papih kookie so sorry I'm forget your b'day,,,,,,
because I'm so confuse about today,,,,,,
Kim jongkook is member Running Man (Reality Korea)
Nickname : Commander,Tiger,Spartakook.
He is so smart if playing Running Man,,,
I always like him,,, and I want he always win in Running Man (Lol)
But He is weak with woman,,,, especially with yoo eun hye,,,,
He can angry if yoo jae suk call her name Lol
I hope about him is,,,,

I want he playing Running Man with Yoo eun hye,,,, lol
And always be the best spartakook and commander in Running Man,,, beacuse he so execelent!

생일 축하해....

Papih kookie with Yoo Jae Suk

Papih Kookie in SNSD episode

Papih Kookie with his children

Papih Kookie in Serlock Holmes episode in here he be top detectiv with Mong Jihyo lol

Commander with Girrafe on serengeti today,,,,,

After this episode Kim Jong Kook close to Gwang Soo.....

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