Sunday, 3 June 2012

New DRAMA "Yuri Chinen"

Hey!Say!JUMP and NYC's Yuri Chinen have just been announced to take his first lead role in a drama for Nippon TV. The drama is a live-action adaptation from Atsuko Nanba's hit manga- "Sprout".
In the drama, Chinen will play the role of Souhei, who will find himself living under the same roof with Aoi Morikawa, who will play the female lead- Miku. That is after Miku's father decided to turned their home into a boarding house. Multiple love angle ensues as their boarding house family gets bigger.
This will be the 18 years old Johnny's talent first solo lead drama. Aside from appearing in supporting roles for his Johnny's senpais, Chinen's past dramas were usually shared with fellow Hey!Say!JUMP's members. Preview clips for the drama shows that the idol will also have his first onscreen kiss.
Joining the cast are: Kojima Fujiko, Johnny’s Junior Kentarou Yasui, Lewis Jesse, Jinguuji Yuuta, and Tanaka Juri; SUPER GiRLS’ Maeshima Ami;Flower’s Fuji Shuka and Mayuko Kawakita; Hello Project’s Kikkawa Yuu; and ABC-Z’s Hashimoto Ryosuke.

"Sprout" will start on July 7th at NTV.

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